" Duplicate Photos on the Mac … How to find one?

Duplicate Photos on the Mac … How to find one?


Duplicate Photos Finders

Finding Duplicate Photos manually is tedious work, and you can still not get the desired results. So, to avoid the hard labor of searching for Duplicate Photos manually, Duplicate Photos Finders are introduced to make the process of searching by Image simple for you.

Duplicate Photos Finder is considered a potent tool for discovering Duplicate Images by tracking thousands of sources or sites. Duplicate Photos Finder doesn't have a single purpose for finding copyright Images, but there are various other places where you can use Duplicate Photos Finder.

You can get information about any Image; get similar images in different sizes, etc. Whether your friends send the image, you have captured it or saved it from somewhere else.

You can get the Desired Information and Images related to it. The process used to search for Duplicate Images has been referred to as Reverse Image Search, and for carrying out the process, various Duplicate Photos Finders can be used. Let's study those Duplicate Photos Finders in-depth and explore which one is the best to use on the Mac.

What is a Duplicate Photos Finder?

A Duplicate Photos Finder is a tool or Search Engine used to search images over the Internet. It is not only used for searching duplicate images, but it also performs many other beneficial tasks.

Have you heard of the Duplicate Photos Finder used to clear out your mobile storage? But these Duplicate Photos Finders have a different function to perform. Where the former helps in clearing storage, the latter helps find Similar Images over the Internet.

Which Search Engines can be used to Find Duplicate Photos?

Though the process of finding Duplicate Photos is only; Reverse Image Search, but the Duplicate Photos Finder tools do not have any limitations. Various Search Engines and third-party tools can be used to perform Reverse Image Search, such as; Google, Chrome, Firefox, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, Pinterest, and many more.

Some of these Search Engines are for searching all things, while some are designed explicitly for Reverse Image Search. Using them, you can get Duplicate Photos of the Image you have searched and the sources of the Duplicate Photos.

How to Find Duplicate Photos on the Mac?

You must use a desktop browser to search for images on a Mac or Computer. Let's discuss the best Duplicate Photos Finder, which you can use to find Duplicate Photos on the Mac;


Finding Duplicate Photos using Google is an easy process. Additionally, Google has a specific feature named Google Images, designed explicitly for Reverse Image Search. Follow the following steps to find Duplicate Photos on Google;

Open Google on your Mac.

Go to the main page of Google Images by clicking on the Images at the top of Google.

Do you see a Camera Icon in the Search bar of Google? Click it.

After Clicking on the Camera Icon, you will enter a new search place where you will get two options.

The two Options are; Upload an Image, paste a URL.

If you want to search for a duplicate Photo by comparing it with a Gallery Image, then Upload an Image.

If you have saved a URL of an Image from some source and want to find the Original source or Similar Images, Paste the URL.

After choosing your option, search for it.

You will get the results you were searching for.

Besides Google, you can also use various Search Engines whose work is similar to that of Google and provides close results. The process will also be the same. You can even use third-party tools, such as; reverse image search, to Find Duplicate Photos.


Searching for Duplicate Photos has become easy because of technological advancement. There was a time when you could not find Duplicate Images because manual methods were of no use for this kind of search. But the introduction of Duplicate Photos Finder and Reverse Image Search has made finding Duplicate Photos more accessible.